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Is Orthodoxy Biblically Orthodox?

In recent years interest in the Orthodox Church among Christians has grown steadily and there have been a number of converts to this religious body. A prime reason for this interest has been the growing fascination with mysticism and ancient tradition which has permeated Western societies. Increasing numbers of Christians are coming into contact with Eastern Orthodox mysticism via the Emergent Church. The unique topic is clearly addressed by Richard Bennett and Stuart. Photos Orthodox priests and Churches are inserted. DVD 126

Run time 50 minutes 24 seconds
Producer Richard Bennett
Audio/Visual sound


Reviewer: 616josephus - - March 3, 2013
Subject: Following God and not rituals of men

Dare it be said, it is easy to change one's spiritual outlook these days. That is especially true of those who have changed from being so-called evangelicals to now become either so-called Emergent or Eastern Orthodox.

In most of those cases, it has been simply the ignorant who claimed the label of evangelical, who have since switched to a different label of Emergent or Eastern Orthodox.

Eastern Orthodoxy claims to be an unbroken line of succession. Nothing could be further from the truth. Witness the fact that Chrysostom would today be considered a protestant, and that Chrysostom condemned the worship and veneration of Ikons, as well as refusing to pray to Mary.

Of course, none of those things prevented him from being kicked out of his own church. His replacement promptly reversed the theological stance of the entire church, and broke the line of succession right there. Chrysostom died being hounded by the Roman Guards of the Imperial Eastern Half of the Roman Empire.

But who in Orthodoxy will tell you those things ? What about how the Bulgarian orthodox church split and refused to follow the Orthodox branch from which it derived ? What about that little split ? Where is the evidence of the unbroken lines of succession ? They do not exist. And the evidence points to the contrary.

Denoting one's self to be God is blasphemy, but it is simply called Theosis in the Eastern Orthodox Church. They already pray to the dead, which they claim is through the dead, which is an acknowledgment that the dead are then acting as mediators, instead of Christ Jesus alone.

They claim to value tradition, but the seventh Church Council (Rejected by all other branches of Christianity) itself CLAIMED to be the reversal of the other first 6 Church Councils. Those in the Eastern Orthodox Church will be among the first to take a mark into their right hand or forehead. Disputing those facts will not make them any less so.

Face it: most evangelicals who follow heresy simply have another label, calling themselves Antioch Orthodox. Usually it means one thing, not regenerate, by their own honest admission. The leaders of the Emergent (read Orthodox) denominations have one goal: to get you to see the beauty (read seduction) of the Church of Rome. FInd out what Bartholemew and other Eastern Orthodox leaders have been doing in Serbia and in the meetings with the Vatican.

its your choice. But the Pope is the main endorser of his new cashless system of Papal Allegiance (did you not know that the Holy See retains the power to mint Coins and engage in commerce as one of the Sovereign Leading States within the E.U ??

Waking up sooner than later, might actually help your soul, in case that matters.

Too bad that many converts to Eastern Orthodoxy never knew some of the roots of Christianity. But it is never too late to learn, for those who actually seek objective truth, and not subjective occult experiences.